Rosie (2018)

Rosie struggles to find a night’s lodging for her homeless family (husband & 4 children), forced out of their rented house when it is sold.

Wildlife (2018)

Jerry loses his job, abruptly goes to fight a forest fire, wife Jeanette reacts angrily by having a fling while son Joe helplessly looks on.

The Wife (2017)

Our Content ratings (1-10): Violence  0; Language 3; Sex/Nudity  2.   Although Joan Castleman (Glenn Close) does not spin or make clothing for her husband Joe (Jonathan Pryce), she certainly has been the “capable wife” described at the end of the Book of Proverbs. She has, we will see, done far more in their long …


JOB Far shorter than The Prophet Job, the Australian film that uses the texts of Job as its script, preacher/poet John Piper’s film captures the essence of the Biblical book in his poem that features some delightful rhymes. He transforms the original into a Christian book by dividing it into four parts, each of which …

Itzhak (2017)

The film, filled with snatches of great music, features famous violinist Itzhad Perlman at home entertaining guests, in Israel, at concert halls, and navigating the streets of NYC in his scooter/wheel chair.