Shazam (2019)

Shazam movie still.

Sure there’s a lot of silly stuff in this story of young Bill Batson becoming a super hero. But it’s a fun film for the family. Click the movie title to read my entire review.

The Prophet Job

During the month of October 2018, the Old Testament lessons from the Common Lectionary are all from the book of Job. Thus, while doing research on the book I discovered that an Australian group has produced a word-for-word video of Job—and it’s available for free on YouTube! It has some flaws, but the main section …

The Overnight (2015)

A newly arrived couple in L.A. eager to make friends naively accept a dinner invitation from a stranger, with unexpected sexually bizarre consequences.

Land Ho (2014)

Two retirees, one outgoing & the other reticent, go on a road trip to Iceland for a last fling. There they party & see the sites of the city & countryside, ending their road trip refreshed & ready to face whatever happens.