February 2017 Journal

The February 2017 issue of Visual Parables features reviews on Silence, Hidden Figures, Paterson, A Monster Calls, Patriots Day, The Founder, 20th Century Women, Things to Come, Gold, Live by Night, Sing, and more.

Captain Marvel (2019)

This Captain Marvel is a woman, trained on a distant planet who comes to Earth, recovers her memory of being an AF pilot, and sets off with growing super powers to save the universe.

Finding Spiritual Values in Oscar’s “Best Pictures”

Courtesy of the Presbyterian News Service Each year the Academy for Motion Pictures and Sciences nominates five to ten films for the “Best Picture” category. I wish that it were a full ten this year, with the addition of Martin Scorcese’s haunting Silence rounding out the number. This well-filmed story, based on the terrible persecution …