The Quiet Girl (2022)

A shy, quiet Irish girl ignored by her overly taxed pregnant mother and drunkard father blossoms during the summer she spends with loving relatives.

Mending the Line (2022)

Director Joshua Caldwell and scriptwriter Stephen Camelio tell a familiar story—that of a wounded veteran needing more than just physical healing—but with a different twist. The healing comes through fly fishing. And what for a while looks like will become a romance turns out to be something else. And amend that “a wounded veteran needing…healing”–there …

Crushed Wings (2021)

Female Genital Mutilation is seen through the eyes of a village girl, married & sent off to the UK where she finds an advocate & also discovers the practice is cultural, not at all advocated by Islam.

Benediction (2021)

The story of English War Poet Siegfried Sassoon from WW 1 through his many affairs with gay men to his marriage with Hester to his conversion to the Catholic Church.