O Holy Night, the Bastard Jesus, and Donald Trump

The baby born in a manger became a rabbi with a unique gift: to make the soul of the outsider feel its worth. As Greg Carey notes, his dinners with prostitutes, tax collectors and sinners–serious outcasts–were as much a sign of his kingdom as his teachings, healings, and exorcisms.

Perhaps because exclusion was part of his own experience. Continue reading

Dr. Larycia Hawkins and More Wheaton Woes

urlWheaton College is in the news again, this time for suspending Dr. Larycia Hawkins for asserting that Christians and Muslims worship the same God. (Check out recent coverage in The Atlantic and New York Times.) Wheaton also houses one of the biggest collections of the works of C.S. Lewis in the world. Lewis’ Mere Christianity is on course to sell nearly 100,000 copies again this year. I’m partial to this little gem of a book because it fostered my return to faith after a brush with adolescent atheism.  Continue reading

The Daunting Costs of Implementing Third Way

It’s been nearly two years since I proposed Third Way as a new approach to the full inclusion of LGBTQ people with the release of A Letter to My Congregation. Many existing churches have transitioned to Third Way, including congregations in a new church network called Blue Ocean Faith. Several other church plants have launched with Third Way as part of their foundation—a much easier task than transitioning an existing congregation. From the collective experience of many churches, transition to Third Way is challenging. It requires, so far as I can tell, five things. Continue reading