Thanksgiving, SNL, and Overcoming the Scourge of Religious Intolerance

Many of us will soon gather for Thanksgiving dinner with extended family and remember what an odd, glorious, and Saturday-Night-Live thing a family is. Family! Nobody is born or adopted into a family they have chosen. We get assigned, like roommates in a freshmen dormitory. And often we find ourselves thrown into close proximity with people we seriously wonder about. Continue reading

The Chorus is Swelling: This is a Disputable Matter

In A Letter to My Congregation, I offered criteria to suggest when a matter might legitimately be regarded as a “disputable matter” in the church, invoking the gospel demands of Romans 14-15. But there is one criterion which is fairly simple: a matter is disputable when it is actually disputed in the church—when we find that faithful Christians who love Jesus, seek to be guided by the Spirit, and take the Bible seriously, find themselves disagreeing. Continue reading

Scot McKnight on Natural law and LGBT persons in the Church

In his recent book A Fellowship of Differents, Dr. Scot McKnight seems to be committing himself to an ethical and exegetical position which, while increasingly common among evangelical leaders today, is decidedly problematic. Specifically, Dr. McKnight builds a doctrine of sexuality, which he specifically applies to Lesbian and Gay people, on Paul’s use of the terms “natural” and “unnatural” in the Bible. Continue reading

An Appeal to Those Who Issued the Gordon College LGBT Statement

More LGBT students on Christian college campuses are coming out of hiding–cautiously supported, one imagines, by sympathetic faculty and staff. What’s an institution to do?

Often the response seems to be, “Write a position paper” to clarify–for its faculty, staff, students, and funders–where the institution stands on same-gender intimate relationships. Gordon College is the latest to do so, stating that homosexual relationships, along with a range of other sexual practices, are “an affront to the holiness of God”Continue reading