A Response to Preston Sprinkle’s Review – Part 1

Dr. Preston Sprinkle has written a three part review of A Letter to my Congregation and it is, in many ways, a remarkably gracious review. Dr. Sprinkle goes out of his way to affirm Ken Wilson’s heart and faith and throughout the review he maintains a courteous, even warm, tone. To be sure, while he appreciates the heart, goal, and tone of ALtmC, he disagrees with much of its argumentation and content. But his disagreement is both respectful and (mostly) clearly stated. Dr. Sprinkle is exactly the sort of person you would want to have a disagreement with. He neither raises his “voice”, nor resorts to the ad hominem attacks which have become so unfortunately common in the Church’s contemporary conversation.
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Book Review: Sex Difference in Christian Theology

“I am a creature of God, and…I’m created and intersexed people are created, no less than anyone else, in the image and likeness of God.” – Selwyn/Sally Gross

Some Christians say that the biblical creation story of “male and female” made in God’s image must be God’s purpose for all individuals and for marriage. In addition, some conservative Christians fear that the sexual revolution has led to a loss of important boundaries and want to draw clear lines around these complex issues. However, by clinging to arbitrary categories, Christians close their ears to the voices of people we are called to love – namely, one another1. People’s lived experiences in all our (God-given) diversity related to sex, gender and sexuality cannot be ignored. The lived experience of intersex is one area within this diversity that has frequently been ignored, rejected or marginalized. Continue reading