Parker Palmer Calls for a Third Way

Parker Palmer is an educator, thinker, writer, and Quaker best known for The Courage to Teach and more recently Healing the Heart of Democracy. In a recent On Being column, he says, “Today we Americans need to find a Third Way. That does not mean making cheap compromises, as in, “I’ll stop caring about the poor if you’ll stop caring about more money for the military.” Instead it means holding our differences in ways that open us to possibilities we never would have imagined if we had failed to hang in with each other”  Yet another sign of a brewing conversation in the face of growing polarization. (Parker’s column features an interview with Thich Nhat Hanh, an activist who influenced Martin Luther King,)

But What If I’m Convinced All Same-Gender Sex is Wrong? by Ken Wilson

Third way is an approach to handling controversial issues forged in the LGBT controversy but applying to any controversy. In a church taking the Third Way approach (in disputable matters err on the side of full inclusion) some in the church will be  convinced that same- gender sex can be blessed in the same way that sex between a woman and a man can be. Others (perhaps a large group) won’t be sure one way or another. And still others will be convinced it is wrong. How does someone in the latter category proceed in a Third Way context? Continue reading