Evangelical Scholar, J.R. Daniel Kirk, on Ken Wilson’s Sermon to City Church, S.F.

J.R. Daniel Kirk is the author of Jesus Have I Loved, But Paul? and Unlocking Romans. He did his work at Duke under Richard Hays. Kirk attends City Church in San Francisco where he heard Ken Wilson speak recently on Romans 14.  This is the first of two posts by this evangelical New Testament scholar on Ken’s sermon.  Continue reading

Third Way: Helping Me Find My Way – by Micah Seppanen

Micah Seppanen shares his story and how Third Way helped him find his way through disputable matters. He writes, “…the root question of the culture war is this: what does loving same-sex attracted individuals look like? The Third Way invites us into a challenging sphere where dogmatic enforcement of either response is not loving. If we see same-sex relationships as a disputable matter, a key point for The Third Way, can we learn not to judge others as they live out their convictions?”  Continue reading