David Myers on a Third Way Approach to Marriage

David Myers, professor of psychology at Hope College, is a signatory to a promising approach to bridging the culture war marriage divide called Marriage Opportunity, an effort led by David Blankenthorn, once widely cited as a critic of same sex marriage who has changed his view. Myers calls for a third way approach to strengthen marriage without excluding gay and lesbian citizens from its benefits. Continue reading


A Muslim Scholar on the Hardest Truths to Tell

“If you speak for another, it means more than if you speak for yourself, for your own people. And when there’s so much daily tension between Muslims and Jews, it’s momentous for us to do this work, whether it’s me with the Shoah, or its a Jewish scholar speaking out about the Muslims in Bosnia or about Palestinian suffering. We are commanded by God to speak the truth.” (Mahnaz M. Afidi, author of Shoah Through Muslim Eyes)


Third Way and New Wine

Third Way requires “opting in.” It can be costly for existing congregations to adopt especially in the heat of intense controversy. We don’t know if the house churches who received St. Paul’s letter put it into practice or for how long. In today’s hyper-polarized setting, it feels a lot like new wine that may, at times, require new wineskins. Here’s Third Way Editor, Emily Swan, unpacking Jesus’ teaching on new wineskins.


The table I long for …

The table I long for—the church I hope for—has each of you sitting around it, struggling to hold the knowledge that you, vulnerable you and courageous you, are beloved by God, not just welcome but desperately, fiercely wanted.  Jeff Chu (Gay Christian Network Conference, January 2015)