Remission Accomplished

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July 28th, 2010

Looking for allegories and metaphors in this rabid rainstorm sweeping across our viewing area. Is it a cleansing, soothing rain that wipes away the past or is it more a reminder of the spectacular power all around us? It bends trees to the breaking point but they sway back into place. The lightning scares away the shadows for an instant and the thunder is so loud and near that my very marrow shakes.

My very marrow shakes.

Was that an accidental analogy or did the thunder clap shake it free? And what was the real thunder clap: the deep rumble that just shook the house or the simple declaration, repeated three, four, twenty times by my doctor, You are in remission.

Listen to that echo: remission, remission, remission.

Listen to the storm subside.

Listen to Peter Gabriel singing Solsbury Hill over and over and over again as I wait for my family to arrive and hear of my sweet marrow. My lovely bones. They’ll laugh as they recall my eating ribs for good luck the other night. They’ll mob me and cry. They may even rub my scalp whiskers for continued luck.

The dogs will bark. My friends will start to wonder about my chest tubes and more chemo and practical/important things that friends need to wonder about. I’ll explain there’s more chemotherapy ahead, but in manageable doses meant to perma-smack leukemia back where it came from and beyond. I’ll mention, casually, that we still don’t know what’s up with the marrow transplant thing, then I’ll thank them for being so caring.

Wait, that’s the garage door. That’s them.

Dancing, hopping and hoping, hugging like World Series champs, tears, barking, laughing, disbelief, rebelief, everything.

Look at the blue sky now.

God, Shiva, Mohammed, Buddha, Jesus, Mary, Dad look at that blue, blue sky now.

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