Portrait of Artists in Reflective Work …

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April 1st, 2009

Writers are notorious for their writing habits and havens.
    Mickey Spillane reportedly liked to don a fedora before batting out the hard-hitting adventures of Mike Hammer. Jack Kerouac wrote on a long roll of paper so he wouldn’t be distracted by page breaks in his looooong-floooowing flights of prose. Mark Twain crowned himself the king of American writers by building a glorious monstrosity of mansion that still stands today as a tribute to his larger-than-life eccentricities.
    And, of course, Thoreau had that pond.
    Rodney Curtis’ reflections often are tapped out where reflections come to most of us — in bed or in the tub.

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    AND, in the interest of documenting the habits and havens of yet another American man of letters, we give you …

A Portrait of an Artist in Reflective Work

 Rodney writing in tub

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