Women on 20s: Should Wilma Mankiller replace Jackson on the $20?

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The list of 15 famous women who could replace Jackson on the $20 was compiled by experts, but there is always controversy about who is and who isn’t on any list. One prominent woman left off the list is Wilma Mankiller, late Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation. Given Jackson’s role in the forced relocation and death of Native Americans, some say it would be poetic justice to have Mankiller replace him on the $20 bill. She actually has a real chance of doing so.

Would you support it?

Wilma Mankiller’s father was Cherokee, her mother Caucasian. She rose to become the Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation in 1985, serving for a decade. Mankiller was an activist, best-selling author, and politician. Her awards included the Presidential Medal of Freedom (given by Bill Clinton) and Ms. Magazine Woman of the Year in 1987. (Read more about her life here—plus, you’ll enjoy the video below.)

Mankiller was inducted into the National Women’s Hall of Fame in 1993. According to her bio there, “Mankiller used her skills to help the Cherokee Nation, starting community self-help programs and teaching people ways out of poverty… [She] brought about important strides for the Cherokees, including improved health care, education, utilities management and tribal government. Future plans call for attracting higher-paying industry to the area, improving adult literacy, supporting women returning to school and more.

“Mankiller also lived in the larger world, active in civil rights matters, lobbying the federal government and supporting women’s activities and issues. She said: “We’ve had daunting problems in many critical areas, but I believe in the old Cherokee injunction to ‘be of a good mind. Today it’s called positive thinking’.”

Mankiller has a real chance of replacing Jackson. The top 3 vote getters in the primary round of voting on www.womenon20s.org will advance to the final round. At that time, Mankiller’s name will be added to the list, and voters will pick one of the final four to replace Jackson on the $20.

Should Mankiller replace Jackson?
Is there someone else you prefer who isn’t on the list?

Watch the story of Wilma Mankiller?

The following video looks at her remarkable life—plus, it includes the story of Andrew Jackson and the Trail of Tears.

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