Online Dating: Find someone who shares your values?

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Giving a wedding ringMost Americans believe in the institution of marriage, but at the same time marriage rates are falling. Could online dating—the use of online dating sites and mobile apps—help to reverse the trend?

Could it help you meet people who share your values and interests?

Finding someone with shared values and interests is the main reason why online daters have a profile on a dating site or app, according to a new Pew poll. Among these “active online daters,” as Pew analysts call them, 60% say that a major reason to date online is to “meet people who share similar interests and hobbies.” Just over half (52%) says that another major reason is to “meet people who share your beliefs and values.”

Shared beliefs and values could include everything from similar political values to similar religious values. For example, is a popular online dating site that serves the single Christian market. “Find God’s Match for You” is the site’s registered trademark.

Another major reason to be an active online dater is to find someone for marriage or a long-term relationship. About 42% give this reason.

About one-third (33%) say they have a schedule that makes it tough to meet interesting people in the usual ways, which is why they are active online daters.

How about meeting people “just to have fun” and not get serious? Only one of four active online daters gives this as a major reason. Most active online daters, it seems, are serious about getting serious.

How important are shared values and interests for you?

Have you (or someone you know) had trouble finding someone with shared values and interests?

Would online dating be an option?

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