Face of Climate Change: Do you believe in climate change?

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Earth from Space NASAEarth Day has been a major theme all this week—here at OurValues and in lots of communities around the world. The Face of Climate Change is this year’s theme, chosen by the Earth Day Network to personalize environmental threats and heroes. Today, I conclude the week with the overarching question: Do you believe climate change is real?

On Monday, I showed one face of climate change—an image I picked from thousands on the Earth Day Network web site. It was a photo of a small boy in Bilaspur, India, whose community is threatened by pollution from a sponge iron plant. On Tuesday, I offered Dr. Seuss’ fictional character the Lorax as another face of climate change. My son had watched the DVD in school on Earth Day. Then I suggested two inanimate objects—a green recycling bin and a napkin dispenser—for two more faces of climate change. The design of each of these can change human behavior, increase recycling, and reduce paper waste.

Today, let’s conclude with a core question in this whole effort: Do you believe climate change is real?

The number of Americans who say it is has been rising recently, though the figure is still below the record numbers in 2006 and 2007 when 90% of Americans agreed that climate change was happening, according to an Environmental and Energy Study Institute (ESSI) Fact Sheet. Just over a third (38%) says that climate change is a very serious threat, with another 46% saying that it is a somewhat serious threat.

There’s less agreement about the role of human activity as cause of climate change. In 2007, a Gallup poll showed that six of ten Americans say that human activity is at fault, but since then the figure has wavered around 50% or less.

The majority of Americans support regulating power-plant emissions and greater use of clean and renewable energy sources, ESSI reports. But there isn’t much support for a carbon tax.

Do you believe in climate change?

Is it caused by human activities?

How far are you willing to go to halt climate change?

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  1. Duncan Newcomer says:

    A new book, “The Undivided Past” by David Cannadine at Princeton seems to fit the common values theme you have developed here so well. Perhaps it’s worth reviewing and promoting. Mentioned by the Christian Science Monitor about the coming together in Boston after the bombing.

  2. Davefossil says:

    I absolutely believe in global climate change, both as a function of earth changes and absolutely man made. The warming is undeniable; birds are not migrating as they used to, plant changes and water distribution are askew. We are pumping Methane into the atmosphere via too many cattle & fossil fuel use. There are plastic bags and garbage everywhere that will not break down for decades. Our greed for fossil fuels are leading to Fracturing earthquakes & Methane leaks and we have a federal legislature just trying to kill each other and ignore reality. Obstruction for it’s own sake will set the nation back centuries on the Global level. In truth, other nations spend even less time then we do on actual change and wring their hands as the Maldive Islands disappear under the rising tides. The Earth has a way of kicking our ass if we don’t wake up soon!