Compassion: Are you a Yeppie, Rapid Responder, or Mission-Minded giver?

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US Navy volunteers at a soup kitchenSuppose you were given $100,000 to donate to charity. Where would you donate the money? Would you spread it out, or concentrate on a single cause?

Food and shelter for the needy was the top choice for Americans, according to a national poll sponsored by PARADE in 2010. About $16,000 of the $100,000 would go for this cause. Research to cure disease was a close second, followed by animal welfare, youth programs, and poverty relief.

What was at the bottom of the list? Promoting world democracy and the visual/performing arts got the smallest shares of the $100,000.

The same survey named and described three types of givers. Different motivations and beliefs drive each type’s responses to social problems and needs.

According to this report, “Yeppies” stands for “young, engaged problem solvers.” They like to volunteer and are optimistic about fixing social problems. Social networks play a key role for them. One reason they like volunteering is the connections they make with peers. And, they often get involved because someone asked them to.

Rapid Responders” focus their efforts on specific needs and problems. They aren’t out “to improve the entire world.” They might organize community events, raise funds, or get involved in local efforts.

The “Mission-Minded” tend to be older, and are motivated by their religious faith. For example, providing food and shelter to the needy is a religious duty. They believe that religious groups can fix the world’s problems.

If this poll were conducted again today, would we see similar results?

Are there other types of givers?

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