How to fall out of political favor

I’ll admit it.

When Sarah Palin burst onto the scene in 2008 as the Republican Vice-Presidential candidate I was intrigued. She was funny, smart, well-groomed and has kids with garden variety issues that she dealt with gracefully. She was, I thought, someone I might be able to get behind.

When Obama won the election, she seemed to slide off the rails. Or, perhaps with the rise of the Tea Party, the rails were pulled out from under her. But, whatever, the flake to intelligence ratio began to shift.

But still, I liked her. I still thought she would be fun to hang out with over a pot of coffee.

Until today…

Really? *Sigh*

I’m sticking with the Twi-moms. At least they’ve read up on the topic they’re talking about.

Eclipse and why Jasper is my favorite

Saturday evening was awesome. A bunch of friends got together to watch the fresh-off-the-press DVD release of Eclipse. It was loud, there was lots of food (Quileute bonfire-themed), and we laughed uproariously. Since we’d all seen Eclipse at least once at the theater, we provided running commentary and critique of the acting, writing, editing and even lighting of the movie. We all pretty much came to the same conclusion that no matter how much Robert Pattinson inhabits the role, he’s not the Edward Cullen we all pictured in our heads when we first read the series.

Jackson Rathbone, on the other hand, is exactly Jasper Whitlock. As representation of the ideal soft-spoken, strong, loyal and sensitive man – Team Jasper had a pretty impressive showing among the eight grown and happily married moms.

The very first Stephenie Meyer quote I use in my book Glitter in the Sun is from Jasper in Eclipse. The chapter is titled “Major Jasper Whitlock, Ma’am” and the quote is, “I didn’t have quite the same … upbringing as my siblings here. My beginning was something else entirely.”

So, why that quote? What does that have to do with God’s eternal love for you, the point of Glitter in the Sun?

Everything, as it turns out.

No one, other than Christ himself, was ever born into the family of God, just as no one (until Breaking Dawn, of course) was ever born into the Cullen family. None of us have the same upbringing. Even within your family, you are the only one in your place in birth order. Everyone has a different place and a different experience. None of us, when choosing to allow God to adopt us, brings the same background into His family.

The amazing thing is that God makes way for all of us to be adopted – and God wants to adopt each of us with the same degree of desire. It doesn’t matter if your past is as violent as Jasper’s, or as innocent as Esme’s, Carlisle is the image of Jesus when he stands at the door and knocks. Your past is washed completely away when you give it to God and commit to living life as he has designed it. And, also like Carlisle, there is room for forgiveness and returning home – as Edward was welcomed when he returned after trying to live the “traditional” vampire life for a while.

Even now, more than a year after I began writing Glitter in the Sun, I am delighted to find unexpected parallels between the imaginary world Stephenie Meyer invited us into and the spiritual world God beckons us to enter for eternity.

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