In Memorium – Cricket was a good cat…

The Muses

Monkey and Cricket indicate their approval

I never intended to launch this blog with an obituary. I suppose very few people would. However, given the influence this particular life had on my writing career, this seems appropriate.

Cricket the cat, after all, inspired a whole chapter of Glitter in the Sun.

Those who have read Glitter in the Sun will recognize the cat who reminded me of heaven on a daily basis by sitting in my lap and simpy purring. He taught me how very simple it is to praise God, all it takes is some time. Time to sit and remember how much God does for me and to show God my enjoyment of his grace.

That’s what Cricket did every morning. I would let him in from night of hunting or exploring or whatever it was he did while I slept. He would eat and I would gather up my Bible, journal, pen and devotional, then we would sit together on the couch. His obvious bliss and rumbling purr, which is all I ever wanted from him, would remind me that my praise brings joy to God’s heart too, and that my obedience is a very small thing compared to all He’s done and is doing for me. Cricket would enjoy the peace and warmth of my lap and I would enjoy the peace and wisdom of God.

The past two mornings have been sad for me because just a few days ago, as I returned from taking my 2nd grader to school, I found Cricket on the street, the victim of a speeding car. The friend walking with me kept my 4-year-old occupied while I picked up the little broken body and moved it to the back yard – but he figured it out anyway. We had a funeral for him that afternoon so both boys could say goodby.

It’s amazing how much personality those furry little bodies can contain. Cricket took up a lot of space when he entered the room. He was sassy with the dogs and sweet with the boys, and to my endless amusement he would force his way onto my cat-despising husband’s lap – until I came into the room, then my lap was the only one that would do.

But life goes on. Monkey, Cricket’s brother, is glad for the attention he doesn’t have to share. But unlike Cricket – who claimed me as his favorite person, Monkey prefers my 4-year-old, and will completely cover his little legs if the boy is sits still for more than three minutes at a stretch.

Monkey did join me yesterday on the couch during my morning devotions and it was sweet, but I still cried for the cat I miss. And I wonder, if in heaven the lion lays down with the lamb, will a white cat with tiger stripped blotches curl up with a songbird at his side?