Review: Forbidden by Dekker and Lee

It is the author match made in heaven – the heart-pounding thrills and pacing of Ted Dekker and the heart-rending character development of Tosca Lee – that makes Forbidden such an unforgettable read.

Dekker, known for testosterone-charged thrillers and speculative fiction like the Circle series and Immanuel’s Veins, brings his own brand of allegory to the table. Dekker writes in bold colors and broad strokes about sin in all its tragic loss and the terrible price at which grace is made available.

Lee’s artistry is much more subtle. Yes, she can write a thriller. Demon: A Memoir draws you to its cliff’s edge of decision with the inevitable pull of gravity, the tension mounting in your chest with each turn of the page. But it’s her characters, drawn with a rare depth of dimension rarely seen in any genre that will stick in your imagination for weeks after you close the book.

Combined they create a tour de force of strength and subtlety, characters you come to know and love in a world of deep darkness and danger. Forbidden is set in the far future, 500 years post-apocalyptic, where a new form of science and religion has sprung up. All emotional reactions have been genetically erased from humanity through a viral infection, leaving only the one most necessary for survival – fear. But now, the effects of the virus are breaking down. It is time to feel again.

Five individuals are exposed to the virus’ cure. Five individuals, who must now learn to control their feelings, band together and survive against the onslaught of a political system unwilling to relinquish its greatest strength, the submissive populace driven by fear alone.

Forbidden goes on sale a week from today, September 13th.

I, for one, am already anxiously awaiting the rest of the series.

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