Patterson vs. Robertson – Edward wins

Is there ever a target too big to aim at?

What if it’s an internationally recognized televangelist/politician?

Here’s the deal. Pat Robertson (not to be confused with Rob Patterson – although that would be hysterically ironic in this case) has declared the Twilight movies to be demonic. See the clip here at The Huffington Post for his exact answer to the question.

I couldn’t just let that go, you know? Because unlike the stereotypical, old-school vampire that was truly the evil cross-breed of all things occult, horror and overwrought Harlequin romance, Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight novels instead illustrates love that is unconditional in Jacob, eternal in Edward and warm in the families portrayed. These are the characteristics of God’s love.

Happily, I have friends with bigger platforms than mine so hop on over here, to Read the Spirit to read my full response to Pat Robertson’s ill-educated response to a leading question.

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