Life at the End of the Rainbow

The rainbow over my house, my office window is on the left

The rain is driving in from the north but the sun setting in the west has somehow found a crack in the clouds, creating the perfect conditions for a rainbow. Except I am sitting in the rain.
Where is my pot of gold?
The rumbling thunder panics my preschooler who consents to go to bed, but only in my bed. He claims he will be OK only if I got into bed with him. I’m still breathing very quietly, hoping he’ll find the peace that falls with the rain and go to sleep.
My second grader is listening to an old Caedmon’s Call cd in his room. Very mellow and sweet. I expect he’ll be asleep in a minute. Oh, he’s not asleep yet either… He just turned it off and started talking.
Gave him a good scolding and peeked in at the youngest – who, blessedly, is asleep.
The rain is moving off now and the sun is still shining, right into my office window. I think I’ll step outside and look for the rainbow.

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