A (job) change could do you good

Remember way back, a year an a half ago, when I proudly announced I had a Real Job?


Well, change happens. Again. And for very good reason.

business-card-return to senderFor the past year and a half I have crammed my head full of marketing wisdom. I have read books and blogs, attended conferences, and watched more webinars than I care to count. I have been told to do X, Y and Z. I have been told X, Y and Z is exactly what not to do. And I have found that if I wait long enough that first advice might come around again. But, above all, I have learned that no one cares about a book and its success as much as the author does.

This was a demoralizing realization for two reasons. 1) I would not ever be able to do enough in the limited time allotted in my week to promote all the Read the Spirit authors to the degree they expected and deserved. And, 2) If I’m spending all my available time marketing other people’s books, who is going to care enough to market the book I just finished writing?

Apparently I was not alone in this epiphany. My bosses decided the best thing for both for Read The Spirit and for me was to release me from the marketing department so I can focus on caring about marketing my own book and writing more new stuff. It also means they will be able to promote me as a speaker and guest writer for other organizations and congregations.

I can’t decide if I’ve been fired in such a way that it feels like a promotion, or been promoted by being removed from a job… Either way it is some of the best news I’ve been given in a while. Truly, tears of joy welled up in my eyes!

New author photos were taken last week by the amazingly talented Jaclyn Michele.

New author photos were taken last week by the amazingly talented Jaclyn Michele.

So. Changes are happening.

My upcoming book, tentatively title Bird on Fire, is a Biblical look at The Hunger Games.

Changes will be happening here, also. Glitter in the Sun, the website, may eventually be absorbed into a new blog to be called Faith Goes Pop. Faith Goes Pop will address faith and popular culture as a whole – broader than the Glitter in the Sun focus on YA lit and my daily life. We’ve got some really fun features planned for Faith Goes Pop and a great chance for you to get involved.

I’m truly excited for the changes and hope you come along for the ride!

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  1. suzy farbman says:

    Good luck with the book. Love the cover! Rick is so talented.