Can’t wait for Breaking Dawn? Get your paranormal fix here

So, yes, MTV debuted the trailer for Breaking Dawn part 1. And yes, I’ve watched it more than once. And yes, I intend to reread the whole Saga before the release date of November 18, probably in one long marathon session starting on or about November 10th.

So don’t plan on talking to me that week.

“But,” I can hear you asking yourself, “what to do until then? I can’t spend all that time in the ‘real world.’ I’ll go stark, raving mad!”

Ah, do not fear! I have some suggestions for you. Starting today, over three Mondays, I’m going to suggest three fantastic authors whose books have more than filled the Stephenie Meyer hole in my imagination.

Today, I’d like to introduce you to my friend Sarah Witenhafer. Sarah is audacious. She read the Twilight Saga, liked it a lot, but thought it could be done better. As the penultimate TwiMom, she decided to pen a book for her own demographic. The result is the page-turning Tamed, its sequel Anointed, and a third book currently in the works.

In this series we meet and follow Reign Phillips, who recently earned her PhD in ancient languages. She meets Damon Sarantos, the owner of a curious piece of antiquity that he seems to have an unusually deep connection to. As they fall in love, Reign begins to realize that Damon is more than – or maybe less than – human. There is action, mystery, romance and betrayal – and some seriously freaky supernatural stuff too. Plus, the books are over 400 pages each so they kept me happy for hours and hours.

What I love most about this series is how Sarah weaves Christian faith throughout. Reign, for instance, is a devout Christian. But she is far from perfect. There are no prairie dresses and demure hair covers here (in fact, Reign keeps a gun tucked into her tall, black boots). Reign screws up. And she receives as well as gives grace. I think it is the best example of how a Christian life should look that I have ever read.

Tamed and Anointed are available from and at

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