Can’t wait for Breaking Dawn? Get your fix, part 2

I know you’re probably still in the middle of Anointed by Sarah Witenhafer, but you must plan ahead. The next book on your To Be Read pile really should be Ravenmarked, book one of The Taurin Chronicles, by Amy Rose Davis – if you’re serious about keeping the Breaking Dawn release date anxiety at bay.

Ravenmarked is not exactly apples to apples with the Twilight Saga. Ravenmarked is high fantasy along the lines of J.R.R. Tolkein, as opposed to the urban fantasy/paranormal romance setting of Twilight. However, for epic romances and star crossed lovers, Amy’s got your fix. Also like Stephenie Meyer, Amy Rose Davis writes a thick book. (“You keep saying that like it’s a good thing.” “Yeah? Well. It is.”)

Mairead is about 20 years old, and has spent most of her life in the care of the nuns who began preparing her for her position as the rightful heir to the throne of Taurin. However, trouble has come to the land. The Regent, Braeden, who by law only holds the throne for the rightful heir, has declared himself king. The ancient earth magic that protects the sacred relics from misuse is weakening, and Mairead is sent to the far north in an attempt to save her life.

Her escort and protector is Connor SilverAir, a half-breed human who has been marked as a Raven. The Ravenmarked are divine avengers, appointed to serve justice no matter how violently that may be. The romantic tension comes when Connor falls in love with Mairead – but believes his Ravenmark prevents him from ever obtaining peace or happiness in life.

My two favorite characters in this book, though, are secondary. One is the mystic woman, Rhiannon, who helped raise Connor and just happens to appear again in his greatest need. Her faith is complete and  unshakable. She literally challenges evil to confront her, she is so secure in her place in the safety of her god.

My other favorite is Igraine, the Eiryan princess. She and Mairead were at the convent together. Unlike Mairead, an orphan, Igraine is a recognized princess from a neighboring kingdom there to avoid an arranged marriage. She is a political animal who never intended to take her vows of service to the church. When Braeden takes the throne by force, Igraine uses her beauty and her brains to save both herself and the sisters. And although she comes to realize her role in the fate of their world may be greater than that of becoming the queen of Taura, she continues to wrestle against divine will in an attempt to exercise her own.

These two women encapsulate my spiritual walk. Sometimes I feel as invincible as Rhiannon, secure in God’s love, invincible in his armor. Other times I fight fate, determined to do things my way, forgetting God’s way is more peaceful evenin the midst of struggle and His success more fulfilling.

Ravenmarked is currently only available in digital form through, B&N and Smashwords, which you can access through Amy’s blog, Amy is currently editing Bloodbonded, book 2 in the series, and has several other books available as well.

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