Music Vision Week: Classic Songs

Music has been used to lift up inspiring and hopeful visions for our world. Here are some of the classic songs that have spoken to so many people as the many millions of views on each of these videos attest.
Daniel Buttry

Michael Jackson: Heal the World & We Are the World.

In the 1980s Michael Jackson wrote and produced several hits that spoke of the hopes for a better world but that also moved people to action in areas such as famine relief. His collaborative mobilization of many of the top pop, R&B, and rock musicians in the world has been a target of comedy, but no cynic has helped the hungry like Jackson did.

Heal the World

We Are the World

John Lennon: Imagine

The Lennon Wall, Hong Kong

The Lennon Wall, Hong Kong
Underbar dk/CC BY-SA 4.0/Wikimedia Commons

Former Beatle John Lennon created an anthem for peace that has inspired many across cultures and generations. In the Occupy Central movement in Hong Kong there was a Lennon Wall where people could put up their dreams, You may say that I’m a dreamer, I’m not the only one.

Live Performance

Bob Marley: One Love

Bob Marley is probably the best-known musician around the world. His vision of a peaceful and just world stirred many people, especially in the two-thirds world.

Playing for Change International Version of One Love

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