Music Festival: Anti-War Week

The Rolling Stones in Concert

The Rolling Stones in Concert
Public Domain/Wikimedia Commons

Jackson Browne: Lives in the Balance

The Rolling Stones: Gimme Shelter

The Rolling Stones weren’t known for their political convictions, just a bluesy rock and roll band that hit the big time with the explosion of British rock rolling on into their 70s. Yet Gimme Shelter grinds out a nasty view of war with a hope for the triumph of love. It’s also got one of the greatest back-up solos in rock history by Lisa Fischer, featured in the documentary, Twenty Feet from Stardom.

Live Version in an Intimate Venue

Play for Change’s International Musical Collective Version

Cellists Take on Violence

Karim Wasfi, an Iraqi cellist has begun to play his instruments at sites of violent attacks and bombings in Baghdad. He is playing in the tradition of Vedran Smajlović, the famed cellist of Sarajevo who played a mournful elegy in the crater where Sarajevans were killed while waiting for bread.

Karim Wasfi Playing at Baghdad Bombing Site

NPR Report

Youth of the Academy of Peace Through Art Play at TEDx Baghdad Under the Conducting of Karim Wasfi

Sarajevo/Belfast CD by Vedran Smajlović and Tommy Sands

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