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I had never heard of Chili Most before this summer’s Interfaith Peacemakers series. Then, a friend in Zimbabwe urged us to include a story about this musician who is largely unknown in the U.S. I discovered that he has been around a long time and was born in Terre Haute, Indiana, not far from me in Detroit. This global connection reminds me of a Detroit musician, Rodriguez, who was the subject of an award-winning documentary Searching for Sugar Man. Rodriguez was a small-time 1970s musician who faded away quickly, and ending up working in construction and living at the edge of poverty. Meanwhile in South Africa his music became hugely popular and myths grew about what had happened to him. I don’t know that Chili Most is at Rodriquez’s legendary status in Zimbabwe, but he is known there perhaps more than here. So in a salute to globalism and how different doors of opportunity open—I give you Chili Most, as reviewed by Phillip Mudzidzi of Gweru, Zimbabwe.
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Chili Most (born 1953)

By Guest Writer Phillip Mudzidzi of Gweru, Zimbabwe

Chili Most aka Rico Sweatt

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I urge ministers worldwide to preach a sermon on “Stop The Violence/N’ Love With Love because God is Love.” Our goal is for every minister and clergy person, no matter the faith, to stand with oneness and unity allowing our collective voice to change the mindset of humanity, encouraging local leaders to engage people of all ages, races, genders, and religions to Stop The Violence.
Chili Most, calling on clergy in spring 2014

I am captivated by Chili Most’s passion for a violence-free world, using music and the radio as strategically far-reaching media for his message. Music and radio are able to reach people of all ages, all races, all genders, and all religions. He is unmistakably calling out: “Stop the Violence/N’ Love with Love because God is Love.” I encountered Chili Most thanks to the recommendation of my friends the Rev. James and Linda Ross Brown, who support my organization, Non Violent Conflict Transformation, and my own peace-making efforts in Zimbabwe and throughout the world.

Chili Most (born Rico Sweatt) works with his brother William Sweatt, also known as Z-Most. Chili Most grew up in the Terre Haute, Indiana, during the civil rights movement. This impressed on his young mind then that “one person” can make a difference. He began learning music at the tender age of 3 and formed a band at the age of 10. As a multi-talented boy, he also participated in sports, which resulted in a basketball scholarship and the opportunity to interact with people of various cultures, interests and dispositions. This later propelled him to consciously “fight for change” using his music and his studio, as well as his networks across the world.

Chili Most’s goal is to change the mindset of humanity. He strives for a violence-free world, joining hands with other peacemakers around the globe. In the past he and his brother Z released a single album entitled, “Fight for your Rights.” Even though his message includes “fighting,” they are clear about standing up for your rights in a nonviolent way. Chili Most draws his motivation from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who fought for equality of all races in the US and strongly believed in nonviolence as a strategy for peace. Chili Most is creatively practicing what Jesus taught at the Sermon on the Mount, especially in Matthew 5:38-44—that we should resist evil through peaceful alternatives, not counter violence with further violence. The nonviolent campaigns led by Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. King and other nonviolent peace activists are a cloud of witnesses that surround us from many communities around the globe; nonviolence is a powerful weapon to disarm the violence that kills so many every day.

In honor of Dr. King, Chili Most started the campaign “International Stop the Violence/N’ Love with Love” in 2012. He wrote two of his songs—“Stop the Violence” and “Fight for your Rights”—as a tribute to Dr. King. He is spreading his message in many forms. So far, he has taken part in more than 500 interviews with pastors and other peacemakers. He estimates that he has reached more than 200 million listeners around the world. His strategy in the spring of 2014 was to encourage as many pastors as possible to preach a message of nonviolence and love. Later, many of these sermons were recorded on CDs and DVDs and posted to Facebook and YouTube to reach as many people as possible.

Chili’s message is clear and simple in his song, “Stop the Violence.” He challenges people to choose peace, instead of losing our humanness, and reminds us that our children’s future is at stake. He further provokes us to think: “… love will always be stronger than hate.”

In his strong, clear voice he shouts, “… break this cycle of being self-hatred spiritual prisoners a curse we’ve yet to shake and understand.”

Rightly so, he is probing everybody to consider, “Remember the lack of education, jobs, and poverty’s the real enemy—and stop all the wars.”

Families in Africa and America are united in their desire to end the many forms of violence we see every day. I believe that, if we lead under the anointing of our Lord and Saviour, our nation and world will follow.

Amos 5:24 says: “Justice must flow like water, right actions like a stream that never dries up.”

About Guest Writer Phillip Mudzidzi

Rev. Phillip Mudzidzi is the Pastor of Providence Baptist Church in Guinea Fowl, Gweru, Zimbabwe. He is the founding Director of the Non Violent Conflict Transformation Initiative in Zimbabwe. He is a composer and musician, and his music encourage harmonious co-existence and service to God as a loving response to God’s call and response to human need.

Chili Most Videos & Links

Fight For Your Rights Music Video:

Chili Most’s Website

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  1. says

    We can appreciate Chili Most energized efforts in stopping violence around the world through his music lyrics and sound waves of the many radio interviews. We strongly encourage the community and international leaders to rally around Chili’s “Stop The Violence/N’ Love with Love” Campaign through investing in our communities, neighborhoods and nations aiming toward a reduction in poverty, unemployment, affordable housing, transportation and health related issues. Prayerfully, this will move our world toward a peaceful place to live without violence, together.

    Marilyn Patterson, CEO
    Sustainable Performance Coalition & Associates

  2. Windy L. Calahan says

    It’s true that this man is an inspiration to all mankind. His music and his message should be heard by every person who believes in the saving our sisters and brothers. We need to “Stop the Violence”. Keep pressing toward the mark.
    Windy -aka “Fannie Lou”

  3. says

    Fighting Patient Rights for Dialysis Patients for 16 years. Chili has been a great help for the patients.

    Chili is a true example of doing God’s work. He lives it and is an example. He touches you with living a true Christian life by example.

    He is always there when you need something. He is never to busy to help someone less fortunate.

    Thank you!

  4. Apostle Mascheria Perdue/Nabboth says

    Hi I love this , This is great blessings be up on you my friend with love Apostle M Perdue/Nabboth

  5. Kenneth Wallace says

    Chili Most, a true inspiration and a friend to all humanity. His dedication to the cause of stopping the senseless violence that so plaques our world is unparalleled. Keep putting in “that work” my brother. Chili Most for President!!!

  6. says

    Chilimost has a very timely message for this day and time. He reminds me of John the baptist. His delivery could be veiwed as eccentric by some but a very effective presentation by . others. His tenacious spirit and trust in God will take him where he needs to go.

  7. Willie Smith says

    I love this as a young man of 33 originally from North Memphis TN and a veteran i have seen alot and its been people like Chili Most who God put in my path to change my direction in life and im so thankful i have had the pleasure of meeting Chili Most thanx to his music, message and not knowing until recent mutual friends please continue to fight brother and spread the word for love and peace continue the fight may God bless you in all your endeavors

  8. Joyce Badie says

    It is so awesome when you speak to the world with positive influence. Your message is very powerful. It reminds me of my book- sending the very same message.
    When we lean and depend on God, his word, his will and his way, then we will see the breaking of day. We will learn to appreciate and be grateful his love, his mercy and his grace.
    I am thankful for what you are doing Mr. Most. I am thankful for what Martin Luther King Jr. did for the world. He does not get enough notice or credit for the change he fought for and his life that he risked daily and lost in the fight for freedom and equality among the nation.
    We shall continue to fight for our right, for our freedom and equality in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen

  9. says

    Chilli, it’s going to takes us Alabama born and raised men to clean up this national mess with violence, malnutrition, obesity, diabetes, and ignorance.
    Keep it GROWING.

  10. says


  11. says

    What a blessing Chili Most is to the planet!
    I thank God in how just a very short time he has become like a brother. His passion for the work and his humble spirit inspire me to be better. Whatever I can do to move this God-inspired work to the next level I will do with every fiber of my being. I am honored to know this great man of God. Stay strong!

  12. Linda Logan says

    I am so thankful and grateful that God has given you the strength, the courage, and the passion to make a stand to