There is something you can do, Caregivers

I have often told people that as the patient/survivor/thriver I am the captain of my wellness team. However, in order to be a captain, there must be a team of people surrounding me. Caregivers (sometime called Co-Survivors) are a crucial component to achieving wellness. My core caregiving team consisted of three people, my husband Larry, my friend Christy, and my mom.

It might be important to note that not everyone is cut out for caregiving in the same way. Some of the people that I thought would be the most helpful couldn’t talk to me without saying something that I would find discouraging or wanting to talk only about how they were feeling.  I learned really early that I needed distance from these people in order to preserve myself.  With three people in my core group I could easily communicate with each of them most every day.  It worked out well that they could each use their strengths and put together a comprehensive team. They could also provided breaks for each other and still feel that I was being cared for. This team was my encouragement and accountability, they tried lots of new things, did tons of research and also drove alot, waited even more, and got to witness me throwing up on more than one occasion.

My caregivers provided everything I needed to kill cancer. It is my hope that as we go along we can discuss what worked and why as well as address any questions or concerns you might have along the way.

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