The world of Faith Goes Pop: As simple as a sketch

We hope you will help us build the content in Faith Goes Pop. We’re inviting readers like you to contribute ideas, photos, videos and story tips. If we miss something vital—tell us. If we make a mistake—correct us. Just email us via with anything you’d like us to consider.

But, first, you’ll want to know: What is this strange new world we’re calling Faith Goes Pop? What belongs here? What’s our goal?

What is this world? The realm we’re covering is as simple as this sketch we made the other day to explain Faith Goes Pop over coffee with a friend. We’re trying to cover the creative and complex realm where the worlds of Faith and Popular Culture overlap these days. We define “Faith” as broadly as ReadTheSpirit magazine defines it—religion, spirituality, core values and the community life in congregations. Then, what is the world of “Popular Culture”? You know already. Or, just look at the sketch, above.

What’s our tone? We’re not preaching. We’re not passing judgment. We’re charting the sparks of light—images, melodies, celebrities, ideas, quotes—flashing across the boundaries of Faith and Popular Culture. Along with help from you—if you’ll help—we’ll report on this amazing, ever-changing collision of culture and spirit.

Please, tell friends to follow Faith Goes Pop with you. We can help you to improve the quality of conversation in your congregation. How many of us have heard a preacher start a sermon by blowing the dust off a cultural reference that should have been left on the shelves decades ago? How many of us have heard a teacher stumble over a cultural icon, when everyone in the group knows that the mistaken reference means something quite different.

Our goal is a tall order! Or, in the new Starbucks lexicon—it’s a Trenta!

We can have a lot of fun covering this realm—with your help!

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  1. Fabulous concept, Jane. Exuberant look for this new site. Wishing you success and lots of POP. And I’ll be on the lookout for something to add. Mega Congrats!

    • Jane Wells

      Thanks, Debra! I’m already having a ton of fun with it!

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