Ken Chitwood is a religion scholar, PhD student, & graduate assistant at University of Florida studying ethnography of Religion in the Americas with emphases on globalization, transnationalism, immigration, Latina/o religion, & Islam. He is also fascinated by the intersection of religion & popular culture and writes & speaks on this topic as both an academic and a journalist covering ‘the god beat.’

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Chitwood is also a forward-thinking Lutheran theologian, preacher & popular speaker who accents ‘glocal’ 21st-century Christianity. As a “theologian without borders,” his interests include global theologies, multi-cultural ministry, & the contextualization of doctrines & practices across religious boundaries, physical borders, & cultural barriers. Weaving together historical context, societal exegesis, & a fair dose of ironic humor, Ken seeks to write and speak with power, love, & sound mind.

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In Gainesville, Ken enjoys ultra-distance running, well-placed sarcasm, craft beer, bike-commuting, traveling, hiking, camping, & rugby.

His favorite movies have to be James Bond (any of them), likes Latin folk art, is a sucker for a good art museum, enjoys a good book by Kurt Vonnegut, Craig Johnson, or Henning Mankell, and loves watching British TV and/or a good “whodunnit” with his wife and pups.

Ken wants you to help with Faith Goes Pop! Take a look at this “napkin sketch overview” of the goals of this site (courtesy, Jane Wells) and send us your own photos, thoughts, and videos of the intersections of religion & culture, values & popular media, faith & pop. Email

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