Pop Francis & #Popemania come to the U.S.

1150_PopeBoyMrn_men__79589.1423178758.500.500On Tuesday September 22, 2015 his eminence Pope Francis arrives in Washington D.C. after some time in Cuba. That’s when TONS of people are going to freak. The hell. Out.

Some people already are. Especially in Philly, where Pope Francis will be spending the final two days of his whirlwind tour of the U.S., which will include rides through Central Park, face time with President and Michelle Obama, a speech at the UN, and a nap or two.

Evidence of #Popemania is everywhere in the City of Poperly…I mean…Brotherly Love. There are Pope tee-shirts, papal bobbleheads, & Francis themed beer events all over Philadelphia. For those with an eye for sighting significant moments in religion & culture (as are all of us here at the site) the question is: what’s going on here?

**Click HERE to read more about #Popemania and see a gallery of papal kitsch ahead of Pope Francis’ visit to the U.S.**

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