Daily Articles

Host: David Crumm

Daily Articles features news and hundreds of author interviews, including Jimmy Carter, spiritual writer Barbara Brown Taylor, Sojourners founder Jim Wallis, Bible scholar N.T. Wright and Quaker writer Eileen Flanagan.

The OurValues Project

Host: Wayne Baker

The OurValues Project was founded by University of Michigan sociologist Dr. Wayne Baker and has grown into a nationally influential column promoting civil dialogue on difficult issues. In 2014, Read the Spririt released United America, in which Dr. Baker reports on the 10 core values shared by all Americans regardless of differences that divide us.

Bullying Is No Laughing Matter

Host: Kurt Kolka

Inspired by Kurt Kolka’s book of the same title, this department is a resource to inspire both kids and adults speak up about bullying, and to realize that they’re not alone. Comic strips from the book are presented in this department, each dealing with different issues related to bullying. Each comic strip is followed by text to inspire discussions.

Religious Holidays & Festivals

Host: Stephanie Fenton

Religious Holidays & Festivals is unique in American journalism. Stephanie Fenton provides the nation’s only fully reported, daily coverage of holidays, festivals and milestones that shape life in spiritual communities worldwide.

We Are Caregivers

Host: Benjamin Pratt

We Are Caregivers is a place where caregivers share practical ideas and inspiration.

Go Beyond Treatment

Host: Heather Jose

Go Beyond Treatment is a program aimed to help thousands of cancer patients across the world thrive after life with cancer.

Friendship & Faith


Friendship & Faith is both an online department and a widely read book. Produced by the cross-cultural WISDOM women’s network, this department and the associated book teach how to build deep friendships by encouraging people to cross lines of religion and other points of division.

Interfaith Peacemakers

Host: Daniel Buttry

Interfaith Peacemakers is inspired by a series of Dan’s books. In this department you will find inspiring profiles of heroic individuals who took risks to persue peace and justice through nonviolent means. Themes include activism, social justice, pacifism and more.

Feed the Spirit

Host: Bobbie Lewis

Hosted by food writer Bobbie Lewis, Feed the Spirit shares stories and recipes that connect foods with spiritual traditions.

Faith Goes Pop

Host: Ken Chitwood

Faith Goes Pop is a column that highlights the connections between spirituality and popular culture; often featuring sightings of the interesting, quirky and intriguing overlap of the two.

Visual Parables

Host: Ed McNulty

In Visual Parables, Ed McNulty highlights connections between Christian faith and popular culture through his film reviews. Readers can also subscribe to his full monthly journals, which include reviews and news about new films, plus an array of study guides.

Bird On Fire

Host: Jane Wells

Bird On Fire is a blog related to a book of the same name by Jane Wells. Both the book and the blog aim to tackle issues of homelessness, human trafficking and hunger raised by the popular Hunger Games series through the lens of Christianity.

Third Way Newsletter

Hosts: Ken Wilson & Emily Swan

The Third Way Newsletter is a place to express, develop and explore a Third Way of handling the issue of LGBT acceptance in the Christian church. It discusses many difficult topics surrounding this issue, encouraging inclusion and staying together in love in the face of disagreements.