By Brian Crane

Pickles: Nelson deals with bullies at school in his own way.

Think About It

A Thought: “Attaboy” is right! Wow, Nelson sure was clever, wasn’t he?

For Discussion: Nelson used clever words to respond to a bully. What are some other smart words to use in such situations?

Did You Know?

Pickles is extremely popular because its characters are both young and old. the older couple in the comic strip, Earl and Opal Pickles, are based on cartoonist brian Crane’s own relatives.

What older people do you know who might be good to talk to … if you do encounter a bully?

More on Pickles

Would you like to learn more about Pickles and cartoonist Brian Crane? For additional comics and information, check out these links:

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  1. Ed Western says

    I love Pickles but would like to see a full assortment of his cartoons by subject matter. I use one of his cartoons every Sunday in my Sunday School lesson. A little humor starts the class off on the right foot.