By Dean Young

Blondie: Mr. Dithers loses his temper with Dagwood

Think About It

Below are some questions and thoughts to help you discuss this comic with a family member, friend, or small group. We encourage you to use these as a guide to have a conversation about this comic in the context of your own life.

A Thought: Kids aren’t the only targets of bullying! Adults can be targeted, as well.

For Discussion: Are adults able to deal with bullies more effectively than kids? What can kids learn from adults about facing bullies?

Did You Know?

by 1940, Chic Young’s “Blondie” was America’s most popular comic strip. from the beginning poor dagwood suffered under his bad-tempered boss. later, Chic’s son Dean began writing the stories and updated some of the equipment in Mr. Dithers’ company, but dean did not change mr. dithers’ bad temper.

What do you think? Is there more or less bullying at work, these days?

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