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Read the Spirit Books

Bullying is No Laughing Matter was published by Front Edge Publishing, under the imprint of Read the Spirit Books.

Read the Spirit is also an online magazine and network of writers. They are an interfaith publisher, bringing a spiritually diverse reader base together to form stronger communities and cross-cultural solidarity.

While their main office is based in Southeastern Michigan, they have contributing writers all over the country, and readers all over the world.

If you’d like to learn more about Read the Spirit, you can check out the About page on our main website.

Joining Forces

In 2012, Read the Spirit published a book called The New Bullying: How Social Media, Social Exclusion, Laws and Suicide Changed Bullying. Researched and written by a team of students at the Michigan State University College of Journalism, the book concluded that today, bullying is taking on new forms that follow kids 24/7 through online media. Adults need to find new ways of responding.

Award-winning journalist and comic artist Kurt Kolka contacted Read the Spirit’s editor in chief, David Crumm to join the fight. Inspired by the work begun by The New Bullying, Kurt sought to help Read the Spirit in their anti-bullying mission. Now, after much hard work and collaboration, Bullying is No Laughing Matter has become a reality. While The New Bullying helps adults better understand and learn how to deal with the problem of bullying, Bullying is No Laughing Matter bridges the gap between kids and adults. Appealing across generations, this book is meant to spark discussion and raise awareness about the issue of bullying.

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