Our world needs you to act. Your voice, passion, and work “Catching Fire” to show our world the compassion and love of our Lord God.vertical

How to Join the Bird on Fire Movement

Step #1: Get Your Copy of Bird on Fire

My new book Bird on Fire will show you how to take the themes of Catching Fire and relate them to challenges we see in the real world.

Step #2: Claim Your Call

What are you passionate about? Is it Hunger? Human Trafficking? Homelessness? Or is there another cause that spurs your heart into action. We can’t achieve our goals until you Claim Your Call.

Take these 3 Steps

1: Search Your Heart

2: Pray

3: Act

Step #3: Connect

Plug in to our community on our Facebook group page and Twitter at @BirdonFireBook. Share what you and your group are doing in your community with others around the country and around the world.

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