Not Pandora’s box

I would love to send a package like this to everyone looking to book a speaker or youth event. It’s like a little Pandora’s box, beautiful and intriguing. Except where Pandora unleashed a thousand evils, with only a little hope as an afterthought, my box is filled with hope.

But I can’t sent it to everyone. What with the feeding of kids and dogs and cats, 10,000 fancy book-shaped boxes just aren’t in the budget…

So, instead, I’ve sent this beauty to someone who might make it possible for me to make more boxes to send to people, who might hire me, who might make it possible for more people to get lovely boxes. I covet this virtuous circle because it means I’m able to encourage hundreds or thousands of people to act. To stand up. To make a difference in their own communities. And if thousands, or even hundreds, of people do that, then together we can change the world.

Lionsgate Collage

It’s like Pandora’s box – but with good things.

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