Miley Cyrus fights youth homelessness

Miley Cyrus generated headlines after her Video Music Awards appearance on Sunday evening. This time, however, she wasn’t even tapping her toes to a beat – much less launching the term “twerking” into the global vocabulary. This time she swung a wrecking ball to fight youth homelessness in America.

Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball” was one of the nominees for video of the year. When she was announced the winner, she surprised the audience by sending Jesse Helt up to accept her award. The handsome 22-year-old read a brief message about the plight of homeless youth, especially those in Los Angeles, and touched briefly on some of the hardships he dealt with when he was homeless. Los Angeles has the largest population of homeless youth in the nation.

Jesse Helt stands with his date to the V.M.A.'s, pop star Miley Cyrus.

Jesse Helt stands with his date to the V.M.A.’s, pop star Miley Cyrus.

So, who benefits from Cyrus’s change of public face? She’s turning traffic to a youth homeless shelter called My Friend’s Place. My Friend’s Place was established in 1990 and has a unique and effective approach to helping homeless youth.

My Friend’s Place Stats:

My Friend’s Place served 1,418 homeless young people last year – over one third of the homeless youth population in Los Angeles

MFP provided nearly 30,000 meals to homeless youth

MFP provided over 540 linkages to on-site and off-site medical care for youth

MFP provided intensive case management to452 homeless young people

MFP helped over 118 homeless youth successfully move into housing

Of course, My Friend’s Place is not the only homeless shelter in American that deserves support. Whether you donate your money, time, or fame, to MFP, or to a shelter near you – the important thing is to do something.

What do you think? What would you do with Miley’s fame?

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