About Jane Wells


Jane Wells has always gravitated toward reading material that pushed other people’s buttons. In 2nd grade it was a dinosaur book that upset her teacher at a Baptist school. Now it’s vampires and dystopias that catch her imagination. In them she finds parables and allegories illustrating God’s ancient plan in a language that is uniquely modern – and easily understood by people who may have never set foot inside a church.

Always a writer, Jane’s “real jobs” have included newspaper journalism, youth ministry, sewing machine sales and marketing for a publishing house. Currently she is back to “just a writer” again, while juggling all the typical domestic duties of wife and mother, homeschooling two boys, managing two needy Golden Retrievers and answering to one very demanding cat.

Jane’s previous book is Glitter in the Sun: A Bible Study Searching for the Truth in the Twilight Saga.

Jane Wells also is an accomplished small-group leader and designer of workshops and retreats, and is available to speak at your event. She regularly connects with other media-marketing professionals and is open to requests for print, radio, TV and online interviews, time permitting in her busy schedule.

Contact her by email at authorjanewells@gmail.com.

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