Goodreads: Ask The Author/Win the Book

Bird on Fire. It's not just a blog!

Bird on Fire. It’s not just a blog!

I’ve been at writing the Bird on Fire blog for more than half a year – so it’s possible by now that some readers are not even aware that there’s a book by the same name, Bird On Fire: A Bible study for understanding The Hunger Games arena, Catching Fire flame and Mockingjay bird.

It is, as the label states, a Bible study.

“So, how does that work?” you might wonder. “What does the story of a vicious dystopia with the kids killing the kids and the heartless government and the starving people have to do with the Bible?”

That is a great question! And now there is a great format to ask this question and more.

Ask the Author (Almost) Anything!

Ask the Author (Almost) Anything!

Goodreads just launched their Ask the Author feature. Authors who participate in the Goodreads Author Program have the option of enabling the new Ask the Author feature which allows anyone to do exactly that – ask the author. So far the only question I’ve answered is one of Goodread’s stock questions, “What are you working on now?” (If you want to know you’ll have to head on over and see the answer yourself!)

While you’re there, register to win one of two copies of Bird on Fire that I’m giving away. The contest runs through the end of the month.

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