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So what is this Bird On Fire thing all about? In short, it’s about finding the Heart of God in The Hunger Games.

bird on fire cover

Bird on Fire is available in paperback and all the popular digital formats.

The Hunger Games trilogy has transfixed readers since the first book was released in 2008, and movie goers since 2012. This fame is puzzling to some because there is so much violence – but the story’s enduring popularity¬†not because of the despicable deaths, it’s in spite of them. And the redemption at work in and through one of the most flawed protagonists of recent literary history.

Katniss Everdeen would never call herself a hero. Not when she kept her mother and sister alive by learning how to hunt and gather food after her father died. Not when she volunteered to take her sister’s place to most certainly die in the Hunger Games. Not when she survived the games, and saved her friend Peeta as well. Not when she presented a brave face to the citizens of Panem before entering the arena again. Not even when she decided to become the Mockingjay – the face and symbol of the rebellion against a cruel and oppressive system. She was only doing the best she could with the resources she had.

Doing the best we can with the resources we have is a divine directive. Bird on Fire: A Bible study for understanding the Hunger Games arena, Catching Fire flame, and the Mockingjay bird, is my attempt to show you how much like Katniss we are called to be. Resourceful, brave, and driven by the sure knowledge that things are supposed to be better than they often are.

You can make a difference in the world, Bird on Fire might just show you how.

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