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  • Cover of Native American memoir Dancing My Dream
  • This Jewish Life
  • Ian Fleming's Seven Deadlier Sins

A Letter to my Congregation

by Ken Wilson


Read more about the buzz that A Letter to my Congregation is attracting nationwide! “This is a breakthrough work coming from the heart of evangelical Christianity and offered into the heart of evangelical Christianity,” writes David P. Gushee, the prolific Christian author and Director of the Center for Theology and Public Life at Mercer University. In describing […]More about the book...

Thanks. I Needed That.

by Robert Alper

Thanks. I Needed That. book cover

There’s no storyteller like Rabbi Bob Alper, the world’s only full-time stand-up comic and practicing rabbi, whose hilarious routines are heard daily on the Sirius/XM clean comedy channel. His new book features 32 true stories from settings as far flung as The Tonight Show studio, the hills of Vermont, and a tiny Polish village. Readers […]More about the book...

The Flavors of Faith: Holy Breads

by Lynne Meredith Golodner

Flavors of Faith: Holy Breads book cover

Sharing food is a cornerstone of virtually every faith on the planet. Now, author and veteran food writer Lynne Meredith Golodner invites you to circle the globe, then step into your kitchen to make breads from sacred Native American, Jewish, Christian and Muslim traditions. Holy Breads is the first book in a new series, The […]More about the book...

100 Questions and Answers About Indian Americans

by Joe Grimm

100 Questions and Answers about Indian Americans

One Hundred Questions and Answers About Indian Americans is part of the Michigan State University School of Journalism series in cultural competence. This guide is organized to answer common questions people need to answer as they encounter Indian Americans in communities coast to coast—as co-workers, neighbors and friends. The book includes sections on India’s history, […]More about the book...

United America

by Wayne Baker

United America 3D Book Cover

It’s no secret that Americans live in an age of perceived polarization. We hear updates on the news about the latest political clash, we take stances on issues and might even consume media based on those stances. To an outside observer, it might seem that Americans are always at odds with each other, barely able […]More about the book...

Bird On Fire

by Jane Wells

Bird On Fire by Jane Wells

The Hunger Games is on fire. This series of novels and movies is attracting millions. Jane Wells offers an exciting new perspective on novelist Suzanne Collins’ complex world. Readers and moviegoers, young and old, continue to cheer for her hero Katniss Everdeen, a teenager fighting forces of injustice in a bleak future version of our […]More about the book...

Getting Laid (Off)

by Rodney Curtis


Nothing stops The Spiritual Wanderer, as Rodney Curtis is known to readers far and wide from the title of his first humorous book about the many quirky challenges of life in America. Then, suddenly his life went from quirky to terrifying as he was hit with a double whammy: a layoff notice and a diagnosis […]More about the book...

100 Questions and Answers About Americans

by Michigan State University Journalism Students


    “One Hundred Questions and Answers About Americans” is part of the Michigan State University School of Journalism series in cultural competence. This guide to understanding Americans and American culture has sections on social behavior, education, race, religion, money, culture, health, food, family, relationships and language. It also includes a glossary of American slang […]More about the book...


by Suzy Farbman


Suzy Farbman was a successful author whom Oprah introduced to the world as an expert on the tough challenge of saving a marriage. But, behind the scenes, Suzy’s world would soon fall apart. An ominous diagnosis threatened more than the career of this savvy writer for magazines including Better Homes and Gardens. Back from Betrayal, […]More about the book...

Guide for Caregivers

by Benjamin Pratt


In one out of three American households, someone is a caregiver: women and men who give of body, mind and soul to care for the well being of others. These millions need help, more than financial and medical assistance. They need daily, practical help in reviving their spirits and avoiding burnout. Who are these caregivers? […]More about the book...

Every Day We Are Killing Cancer

by Heather Jose


“It’s cancer.” The words devastated Heather Jose. As doctors warned about tough odds, Heather faced the challenge head on. She pulled together friends as caregivers, her own inner resources and the best in medical care. She also wrote letters to her daughter Sydney so the little girl would remember Mom, just in case. A hand-lettered […]More about the book...

A ‘Cute’ Leukemia

by Rodney Curtis


The shocking L-words struck like hammers: “Laid off,” then, “Leukemia.” Like millions of Americans, Rodney Curtis feared for his life and his family. But what that deadly acute leukemia didn’t know was: It was dealing with the Spiritual Wanderer, the columnist who is famous for finding humor and wisdom in daily life. Rodney started by […]More about the book...

The New Bullying

by Michigan State University Journalism Students

and Joe Grimm


The New Bullying: How social media, social exclusion, laws and suicide have changed our definition of bullying–and what to do about it is primarily concerned with the issue of how bullying has changed from about 1997 to 2012. The authors’ thesis was that bullying has changed considerably, but that some adults are not aware of […]More about the book...

Guide for Grief

by Rodger Murchison


Don’t Face Grief Alone Let an experienced and compassionate expert help you or your loved one through the difficult times Everyone dies. Every family grieves. People are terrified of admitting that we are aging, let alone dying. Many families get stuck in unhealthy patterns of grief. In his new Guide for Grief, Dr. Rodger Murchison […]More about the book...

Blessed are the Peacemakers

by Daniel L. Buttry

Image of the book Blessed are the Peacemakers by Daniel L. Buttry

In the pages of Blessed are the Peacemakers, you will meet more than 100 heroes, but most of them are not the kind of heroes our culture celebrates for muscle, beauty and wealth. These are peacemakers—and the world needs to hear their stories now more than ever. In his book, the Rev. Dr. Daniel Buttry […]More about the book...

Friendship and Faith

by The Women of WISDOM


Friendship and Faith is a book about making friends, which may be the most important thing you can do to make the world a better place–and transform your own life in the process. Making a new friend often is tricky, as you’ll discover in these dozens of real-life stories by women from a wide variety […]More about the book...

Ian Fleming’s Seven Deadlier Sins

by Benjamin Pratt

Ian Fleming's Seven Deadlier Sins

James Bond, Bible Study and Seven Deadlier Sins Ian Fleming’s Seven Deadlier Sins & 007′s Moral Compass is a book that will open your eyes and fascinate you with the many guises of evil in our times. Author Ben Pratt shares his discovery of the major spiritual themes woven into Ian Fleming’s James Bond novels. This book that […]More about the book...

This Jewish Life

by Debra Darvick

This Jewish Life

Stories of Discovery, Connection and Joy In This Jewish Life, many voices join as one to portray the many facets of contemporary Judaism. Their stories will carry readers, Jew and non-Jew alike, through twelve months of Jewish living. This book features over fifty voices which enable readers to experience a calendar’s worth of Judaism’s strengths […]More about the book...

Dancing My Dream

by Warren Petoskey


“In my 75 years, I have read countless autobiographies and spiritual works. Warren Petoskey’s uplifting memoir ranks among the best. Dancing My Dream is written simply, flowingly and lovingly by a man of immense dignity and hard-won spirituality. It meshes the Native American with the Christian. It is for believers and nonbelievers, for those of […]More about the book...

Glitter in the Sun

by Jane Wells


A Bible Study Searching for Truth in the Twilight Saga God anticipates at some point in your life you will realize there is something missing—and will realize it is Him. To that end He plants clues and hints and pictures of Himself everywhere: a glorious sunset, a perfect “coincidence,” a novel (or the entire Twilight […]More about the book...

Spiritual Wanderer

by Rodney Curtis


Who is the Spiritual Wanderer? He’s an ordinary person like you and me. When he crawls out of bed each morning, he needs to find a cup of frozen coffee before he can contemplate searching for spiritual answers in the cosmos. As his day unfolds, Rodney Curtis looks everywhere for meaning and hope–and always for […]More about the book...

Conversations with My Old Dog

by Robert Pasick


Do you Ever Talk to Your Dogs? Author Rob Pasick confesses that he does… Conversations with My Old Dog is a great book to: Console a friend or family member who has lost a loved pet Support someone who is facing the loss of a beloved pet Gain insight into the spiritual connection between people and […]More about the book...

Our Lent

by David Crumm


The annual observance of Lent, the season of spiritual reflection leading to Easter, is growing across the U.S. Around the world, 2 billion men and women mark Lent as a part of the Christian calendar, but most do not pause on a daily basis to enjoy Lent’s rich opportunity to reflect on the life of […]More about the book...

The Beauty of Ramadan

by Najah Bazzy


More than 1 billion Muslims fast in the holy month of Ramadan, revitalizing their faith, celebrating the holy Quran and renewing their commitment to helping needy people around the world. The Beauty of Ramadan is a simplified guide booklet to these sacred traditions, written for Muslims and non-Muslims as well. The book also is useful […]More about the book...

Interfaith Heroes

by Daniel L. Buttry


Interfaith Heroes is an inspiring 31-day reader, showcasing short biographies of men and women throughout history who have crossed traditional boundaries of religious groups to build stronger communities. The dramatic story of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is included as well as biographical sketches of Mahatma Gandhi and St. Francis, among the more […]More about the book...

Interfaith Heroes 2

by Daniel L. Buttry


We need heroes like these now more than ever! Volume 1 in this Interfaith Heroes series shared 31 heroic stories. This Volume 2 tells more than 40 additional stories of men and women who crossed religious boundaries to strengthen their communities, help the needy and make peace. Together, the two volumes span many centuries and […]More about the book...

Breaking In

by Joe Grimm


Breaking In is the insider’s guide to landing–and acing–your newspaper internship. These are your strategies for applying, interviewing, succeeding and then using your newspaper internship to launch your career. This book is based on the web site, which Joe Grimm, recruiting and development editor at the Detroit Free Press for nearly 20 years, created as […]More about the book...

Ask the Recruiter

by Joe Grimm


Want to land a job in news media? Joe Grimm is The Recruiter. The veteran journalist is such an expert at finding jobs in newsrooms that he was asked to create and write the popular Ask the Recruiter column for the Poynter Institute, the leading nonprofit in training mid-career journalists. After decades of working with […]More about the book...

Balanced Leadership in Unbalanced Times

by Robert Pasick

Robert Pasick's book Balanced Leadership in Unbalanced Times

A guide to better leadership Balanced Leadership in Unbalanced Times is Dr. Robert Pasick’s valuable toolbox of leadership strategies for men and women who want to improve their performance at work and in the community. Robert Pasick is a popular writer, psychologist and leadership coach who you may recognize from his many radio and TV […]More about the book...