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Click this array of book covers to visit our ReadTheSpirit Bookstore.

Click this array of book covers to visit our ReadTheSpirit Bookstore.

Read The Spirit is a publishing company, an online magazine and a network of writers connecting readers with the most important voices in religion, spirituality, interfaith and cross-cultural issues. Read the Spirit strives for accuracy, balance and fairness. In an era when traditional newspapers, magazines and publishing houses are collapsing, Read the Spirit is growing in its rich array of media to help readers build healthy, diverse communities.

Read the Spirit was founded in 2007 by one of America’s top journalists and one of America’s top developers of communication software: David Crumm and John Hile. Working together, they gathered a wide array of media professionals to establish an online magazine and a publishing house for books and e-books. Later, they added multi-media editions of e-books.

Departments in ReadTheSpirit online magazine:

  • Daily Articles features news and hundreds of author interviews, including Jimmy Carter, spiritual writer Barbara Brown Taylor, Sojourners founder Jim Wallis, Bible scholar N.T. Wright and Quaker writer Eileen Flanagan.
  • The OurValues Project was founded by University of Michigan sociologist Dr. Wayne Baker and has grown into a nationally influential column promoting civil dialogue on difficult issues. Coming in 2013 is a book version of OurValues for individuals and small groups.
  • Religious Holidays & Festivals is unique in American journalism. Stephanie Fenton provides the nation’s only fully reported, daily coverage of holidays, festivals and milestones that shape life in communities worldwide.
  • We Are Caregivers is hosted by author Heather Jose, an activist on behalf of patients and caregivers—and part of the small team of writers who coined the phrase “cancer thrivers.”
  • Friendship & Faith is both an online department and a widely read book (click the row of book covers at right to visit our bookstore). Produced by the cross-cultural WISDOM women’s network, Friendship & Faith is teaching thousands of people how to build stronger relationships.
  • Interfaith Heroes is both a series of books and also an online department in ReadTheSpirit where you will find inspiring short biographies of heroic men and women who dared to cross boundaries to pursue peace.
  • Feed the Spirit is our newest department and is hosted by food writer Bobbie Lewis. Bobbie and author Lynne Meredith Golodner—and readers, too—share stories and recipes that connect foods with spiritual traditions. (Lynne’s new Flavors of Faith: Holy Breads is in our bookstore now.)

ReadTheSpirit’s EDITOR DAVID CRUMM is known nationwide to journalists and authors who cover the impact of religion and cross-cultural issues on our world today. In nearly 40 years as a journalist, Crumm has won top awards and is a senior fellow with several universities and nonprofits, including the University of Michigan Knight-Wallace Journalism Fellowship and the Washington DC-based East West Center. He has reported from Europe, the Middle East and Asia. He also is an innovator in professional connections among journalists and authors, establishing a Michigan model for networking professional communicators. On a daily basis, he is building new collegial relationships. In 2010, Crumm circled North America by van and produced a series of syndicated newspaper columns called The American Journey.

ReadTheSpirit’s PUBLISHER JOHN HILE is a pioneer in developing tools for digital communication. As a co-founder of Hilgraeve Inc. decades ago, Hile worked on early computer-to-computer software—and wrote the U.S. Patent for virus protection. Later, he developed secure communication software for medical facilities. For ReadTheSpirit, Hile developed a sophisticated publishing system to easily produce ink-on-paper books as well as all forms of e-editions, including multimedia e-books. Hile’s system allows such rapid turn-around on editions that ReadTheSpirit can change books within hours. In 2012, Hile’s system was used by Michigan State University’s School of Journalism to produce an entire book—from an idea to final books—in 101 days. Hile’s system changes the way readers think of books, allowing groups to customize their own editions with additional chapters adapted for local readers.

TO LEARN MORE about our mission and the values that guide us on a daily basis, read our Ten 21st-Century Principles for Religious Publishing.

OUR CORPORATE NAME is David Crumm Media LLC (DCM). We are a limited liability corporation based in  Canton, Michigan, with offices in Monroe, Michigan, as well. DCM publishes the ReadTheSpirit collection of websites (www.ReadTheSpirit.com) and publishes books under the “ReadTheSpirit” and “Front Edge” imprints.

Our shipping and mailing address is:
42015 Ford Rd., Suite 234
Canton, MI 48187

Contact ReadTheSpirit co-founders:
David Crumm, Editor, 734-751-7840, David.Crumm@gmail.com
John Hile, Publisher,  jkhile@gmail.com
For information about writing articles to appear in our websites or authoring a book to be published under one of our imprints, contact David Crumm.

For billing, payment and other accounting inquiries:
Patty Thompson, Patty@OneThompsonPlace.com

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